ebay search links for Paso parts
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Author:  paso750 [ Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:48 pm ]
Post subject:  ebay search links for Paso parts


as I`m loaded with spare parts :) I`ll give everyone the chance to find them on ebay.
There`s a searchlink posted somewhere, but it covers only the search of "ducati paso" worldwide.
Numerous sellers sell parts for "Ducati 906" w/o the word "Paso" or "Ducati 907" with or without the "ie" at the end. Then there are the ebay shops that are not totally covered by the search so it`s best to search one by one, although numerous auctions will be found multiple times. You`ll be surprised how many parts are being offered although there`re lots of things that are totally unrelated to Pasos.
Of course some sell Paso parts only mentioning "Ducati 750" or only write "Ducati part" and put a pic in the auction. Finding these is pure luck. I will post no such searchlink as you`ll find thousands of results and 98% will be irrelevant.

Search for:

"ducati 906"
http://search-desc.ebay.com/search/sear ... 26fsoo%3D2

"ducati 906" in ebay stores
http://search.stores.ebay.com/ducati-90 ... bsQQsofpZ4

"ducati paso"
http://search-desc.ebay.com/search/sear ... %3D2&fgtp=

"ducati paso" in ebay stores
http://search.stores.ebay.com/ducati-pa ... bsQQsofpZ4

"ducati 907ie"
http://search-desc.ebay.com/search/sear ... %3D2&fgtp=

"ducati 907ie" in ebay stores
http://search.stores.ebay.com/ducati-90 ... eNameZWD1S

"ducati 907"
http://search-desc.ebay.com/ducati-907_ ... QQsaprcloZ

"ducati 907" in ebay stores
http://search.stores.ebay.com/ducati-90 ... lyQQsofpZ4

Happy bidding.


Author:  jcslocum [ Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ebay search links for Paso parts

I saved this to the 750 FAQ

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