Husqvarna - KTM as alternative parts source?
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Author:  paso750 [ Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  Husqvarna - KTM as alternative parts source?

already a longer while ago I noticed that whenever I was searching the internet for part numbers amongst the results there would be webshops from KTM. After ignoring that I decided to look into it.
Cagiva took over Ducati in the 80s. They did the same with Moto Morini and a year later in '87 with Husqvarna. Meanwhile Husqvarna belongs to KTM. So it`s possible that Cagiva part numbers are still existing in the logistic system of KTM. The question is if they actually have a stock of old parts. If you try all kind of part numbers for meanwhile rare or obsolete parts the'll show up on the KTM website.
For example the small and the swingarm chain slider:


I did contact this shop and asked for more info but they couldn`t provide any. Last friday then I drove to a larger KTM/Husqvarna dealership and had a chat with the guy from the parts counter. He checked the numbers and they are indeed in the system. He could not find any pictures or info about these parts being installed in any Husqvarna which to me kind of proves that these are remains from old Cagiva days. The KTM part number system must be quite different. The chain sliders were not marked green (in stock) but neither red (unavailable) which means that he could actually order them. The question of course remains if it`s just an incorrect info in an outdated parts system and if you would actually get the parts if ordered.

I would have tried ordering the small chain sliders just to see if I could get them but as I don`t need any I didn`t. Instead I shared this info with a member from Australia who did order a few parts from his local KTM/Husqvarna dealership. One of us will let you know the outcome.


PS: I found out that the small chain sliders were also used on the Cagiva Freccia 125 C10/C12 which is probably an info that doesn`t help anyone :-P

Author:  Frank.61 [ Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna - KTM as alternative parts source?

Hi Gerhard,

Did the same a few months ago: they are in the KTM system but not available for supply.
Some parts still are but mostly parts which can be obtained elsewhere to .....
Did order a new cdi unit for a Cagiva Freccia C12 through KTM, which was cheaper than other parts sources. :thumbup:
Some parts used for Ducati during the Cagiva years were also used in Husqvarna bikes later on.

Some (Ducati) parts were still available through Cagiva/MV Agusta but since half a year or so that stopped (for obvious reasons).
Maybe (very limited chance) that source becomes available again ...... :roll:


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