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 Post subject: Re: Wiring diagram colours ?? uk -usa
PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:50 am 

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Sound ill try that this weekend, short on time the now thanks again for info just the ticket :thumbup:

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 Post subject: Re: Wiring diagram colours ?? uk -usa
PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:35 pm 
paso grand pooh-bah
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paso750 wrote:
Derek, it seems you're right. But if you look at other regulators tho the black is the sensor wire i.e. Electrex ESR540 or an original Ducati Energia regulator (pic below).
Also in the Electrex ESR510 instruction the black wire is mentioned.
Some regulators have a black ground wire, on others the ground wire is green.

It is Honda who muddied the water with this one. Honda use black for ignition switched 12V. Just about everyone else uses black for ground or sometimes green (Honda use green for ground).

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 Post subject: Re: Wiring diagram colours ?? uk -usa
PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:35 pm 
paso grand pooh-bah
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that's interesting to know. A few weeks ago I bought a cheap chinese digital fuel gauge. Its wires are black, green and yellow. Black is +, green is - and yellow the fuel sender. That seemed random but according to your description it's right :D

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 Post subject: Re: Wiring diagram colours ?? uk -usa
PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:10 pm 
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Hi again, it's been a while since I posted in this forum.
Firstly a big thanks to the admin team for restoring my previous identity, after my clumsy attempt to re-register.
( I did eventually find the fork lengths in the FAQ's, which I could have accessed without signing in.
But I was keen to reaquaint myself with fellow Pasoists )
{ or should that be masochists ? }
So to the crux of my problem this time ;
I disconnected the regulator, without making a note first, of the relative position of each wire, as I didn't realise that the connector was not a standard male/female one.
So I followed with interest this post regarding regulator/rectifier wiring.
Funny how just the trouble I was having showed up in the forum, "in the nick of time" as it were.
Or so I thought.
My problem is that I have a California bike, (re-imported I believe #754296 ) which is constantly discharging the battery & has done so since I acquired/inherited it.
So I'm wondering if the reg/rec is working at all, bearing in mind what previous posters have written about 'joining' wires or 'isolating' a wire from the system altogether.

The harness sleeve contains ;

2 ORANGE wires, (presumably from the generator)
2 RED wires [ 1 with PINK attached ]

The reg/rec has ;


These regulator wires enter a rubber shielding, which seems moulded to the body, & where the wires enter they are numbered 1 to 6 ;

3 = RED
4 + RED

I had figured that RED to RED would be standard so YELLOW to ORANGE made some sense which left me with BLACK to BROWN & WHITE to BLUE.
Now I'm not so sure that they were connected that way prior to my disconnecting them ?
If so, could I have damaged or burnt out the reg/rec wiring it that way ?

The reg /rec is a Ducati Energia & is fitted with a 6 way terminal block which houses 6 MALE spade connectors.

The harness wires {female spades} are all fitted with individual, what look to me like, 'factory' insulators !
I only say this because the PINK/RED wire.[ PINK being the clock feed according to the wiring diagram ] is in one, as is the fused wire to the battery, where it meets the 'inline' fuse.
From what I read in the previous posts, I am starting to wonder if mine has ever been wired up correctly ?? !
However, I can see no logical reason why the factory would fit a regulator with a 6 point plug & fit 6 wires from the harness with shielded connectors, that neatly fit into the 6 way block, if each wire did not have to be connected in some way ?
The question is, if it left the factory with all 6 wires from each source connected, where do they belong ?
As far as I can see from the info in the thread, my wiring has never been correct !
Or am I missing something ?

I have a lot to relate regarding my 'trials & tribulations' which I will bore you with when I finally get this ****** back out on the road.
Got it MOT'd & taxed & only ridden it about 50 miles :-(
I hope someone takes pity on a poor befuddled pensioner before I go totally bonkers & resurrect the Diversion !!

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