Starter Repair Cheat
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Author:  AndyK [ Sun Feb 24, 2019 2:06 am ]
Post subject:  Starter Repair Cheat

Passing on a quick and simple way to replace the brushes in the starter motor.

1. Remove the negative cable from the battery.
2. Remove the RHS bodywork
3. Remove the main starter feed cable from the starter motor (holding the ring tag on the end of the cable still whilst undoing the nut will help stop the bolt from trying to spin).
4. Remove both oil pipes from the crankcase stubs and tie up out of the way (very little oil comes out).
5. Remove both crankcase stubs (a deep 22mm socket works well).
6. Remove both crosshead screws from the rear cover on the starter. Remove the one furthest from the engine completly 1st and this gives enough wiggle room to get the second one out.
7. You can now remove the rear cover and the brush plate :)

The rear cover and the brush plate can be seporated by pulling back the spring on the brush that is attached to the rear cover.
Clean up both parts and use a small brush to clean up the area at the back of the starter motor.
Examine the brushes and the copper segments on the end of the starter.
If you are pulling the starter apart the chances are that the brushes have worn, I get mine replaced by the local alternator repair shop.
If the copper segments are badly burned or pitted you will need to remove the starter body and strip it completly the traditional way. If they look Ok but are discolored there is enough access to clean them up with a strip of fine emery paper - The starter rotor will turn in one direction due to the clutch and this makes the task easier :cool:

Re-Assemble in the reverse order. The only tricky bit is getting the brushes back over the copper segments and then making sure that the brush plate is in the correct place - There is a square shaped stamping on the side of the starter body around the 1 O'clock position and this lines up with a square cut out on the brush plate.


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