fuel pump won't turn on
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Author:  a330us [ Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  fuel pump won't turn on

Hi Guys
I did do some searching but didn't turn up much. I've got a really mint low mile 907 that was running great last time I started it little over a year ago and then the pump wouldn't come on when turning the key on. I'm pretty sure gas that had gone bad was the culprit. So cleaned all the bad gas out, pulled the pump out which was a auto pump as it turns out and ruined the holder to get it to fit. I pulled out a new pump ,filter and holder from a parts bike and installed it but first checking it with a new battery and pump won't come on. I checked connections, fuses and switched the relays around up front but nothing. I even hooked up another new fuel pump after checking it first with a battery and still nothing. So not getting power to the pump but out of ideas as to what to check next. Electrics are not my strong point so any obvious things to check that I haven't? Thanks Arch.

Author:  nickta [ Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: fuel pump won't turn on

Hi Arch.

Long time no hear!

The $90 question is the relay that powers the fuel pump energising? If it is not energising (you should be able to hear it click), then that will point to everybody's favourite switch, the Off/Run/Off switch, or at least the power that comes from it. From my ever depleting memory, and no schematic, 12 volts goes to the switch from the fuse block, all the way to the switch (connects when the switch is in Run), then all the way back to the fuse block, through a fuse then all the way back to the relay. Dirty switch, dicky connection in the wiring or a blown fuse and no power gets to the relay.

If the relay is energising, if you have the old type (original) of relay, there will be a fuse plugged in to it. Again, this is fed from the 12 volts from the fuse block (the one under the seat). A blown fuse at the relay will take power away from the Fuel Pump. This is probably unlikely, as you have swapped relay's, so I assume you moved the fuse too?

Do you know anyone handy with a multimeter?



Author:  a330us [ Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: fuel pump won't turn on

Hi Nickta,
Yeah, haven't been on much but still keep up, funny, just sent 4 of my 750's that I figured that I'd never get around to down to your neck of the woods including two white ones. Some dealer but a third party was taking care of all the details so don't know who it is.
I've gotten some of the early Hinckley Daytona's including two Super III's and a 1200 SE that I'm messing with. Last bikes on my bucket list. The prices back in 95 took my breath away but they're priced about like Paso's now!
Thanks for the info and got a friend coming over today to help trace down where the missing electrons are. Cheers Arch.

Author:  a330us [ Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: fuel pump won't turn on

I finally have a running 907. Even though I thought that I could feel the relay click i still couldn't get the pump to come on so I pulled one from another bike and could really feel the click when key was turned on. I put the pump, filter all back together and had a running pump but bike wouldn't start. So I pulled the line off the filter and no fuel was coming out so switched the leads again and fuel shot out about 20 feet! All back together and bike came to life and ran great!! It only took me a day and half but felt good to save that several hundred dollars that a dealer would have charged to do the work that I did. Thanks Arch.

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