Oil Pressure Sender Location
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Author:  BillB01 [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Oil Pressure Sender Location

Compared to the parts catalogue, my oil pressure sender and another bolt swapped. See attached image. In my 907, the oil pressure sender is above the other bolt.

Should I swap them back to the parts catalogue locations? I would think so, but I've seen catalogues be wrong before.

What is the other bolt for?

Will some oil pour out if I remove both of them? The bike is on the mainstand and the oil level window shows the oil just above max.


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Author:  BillB01 [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Pressure Sender Location

I just found evidence that the catalogue may not be right....from the owner's manual

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Author:  BillB01 [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Pressure Sender Location

Well, I answered my remaining questions more or less. I removed both and no oil came out. I'm guessing the lower bolt is some sort of oil overfill outlet, although it appears to be a fair amount above the top of the oil level.

I removed both of these because I wanted to get into the starter and examine the brushes and commutator. Removing the back cover of the starter is obstructed by the pressure sender and the other bolt, BUT even with them removed, the cover will not clear the right side case. It appears to me that on the 907ie, at least, the entire starter needs to come out. My starter turns VERY slowly and sucks so much power that it will fail to start sometimes. The battery is good, the solenoid works (jumping it makes no difference), all the contacts and grounds are clean. I do have a replacement starter. I see you need to remove the left side case cover to get to 2 hidden bolts, which requires a special puller that I think I can emulate, but jeez, this could have been simpler. Ah, the Italians! But I have fallen in love with this bike after 1 week of ownership. I'm surprised how comfortable I have found it. Try one of the newer Triumph Daytona 675s sometime. You will need a chiropractor after 30 minutes on that otherwise great bike.

I'm going to leave the pressure sender where I found it. This bike is a low mile unmolested beauty. That pressure switch has probably never been off the motor.

Author:  Mc tool [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Pressure Sender Location

On the SS models the oil pressure sender is above the clutch housing and the 2 holes at the front ( one of which is now the sender location ) are for the oil coolers on the SS models , as they are not water cooled. I'm pretty sure some of the internal passages are different too, so ya can't just move things around a bit to fit coolers ( waist of time anyhow as not needed ) I actually took one of the two coolers of my SS as the oil wasn't getting up to temp. Ha ,I recall being in behind a large truck one day, and to relieve boredom I varied the following distance and the closer I got to the truck ( within reason ) the higher the oil temp got, with a bit of distance from the truck , in clear air it ran cooler.......not a whole big lot but you could see the corrolation between following distance and temp :)

Author:  Derek [ Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Pressure Sender Location

It won't matter which of the 2 holes is used for the oil pressure switch, they are both at engine oil pressure.
If you look at the oil flow diagram for the 750SS (no oil cooler, same as 907e) you will see that they are both at the same point in the system, immediately after the oil pump.
On the 900SS and bikes with an oil cooler, the upper hole feeds to the oil cooler which returns via the lower hole then on to the filter.
I believe that the orientation of the bypass spring, item 11 in the parts diagram, determines whether the oil goes through the cooler or not, although I could be wrong on that.

I had similar problems with a sluggish starter and replaced the brushes which made no difference. A few months later one of the starter brushes jammed and wasn't contacting the commutator. I pulled the starter off, freed the brush, made sure they were both moving freely and re-fitted it. A couple of months later it stuck again. I refitted the original brushes since there was nothing wrong with them and guess what? They stuck had again :mad:
I'd had enough buggering about with the starter so bought a new one from Electrex. What a difference, it spins the engine better than just about any Ducati I've heard.
I stripped the old starter and found that the earth side brush was more or less welded into its housing. I just couldn't shift it and although on measuring the resistance across each adjacent commutator segment I could find nothing wrong, I reckon the starter was pulling too much current, hence the sluggish performance and the problem with the brushes, possibly due to an internal short in the windings somewhere.

Author:  BillB01 [ Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oil Pressure Sender Location

Ah, thanks for the explanation of the 2 oil flow holes. I'm on to replacing the starter later today. If I have the bike on the main stand, will oil flow out when I remove the left side cover? I've seen people tilt the bike to the right using a winch but I'm not too crazy about doing that. I might just drain the oil.


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