Australian Paso Rally, Who's interrested??????????????????
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Author:  Leo [ Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Australian Paso Rally, Who's interrested??????????????????

Just a thought,

If we organised a rally begginning in Brisbane, heading along the coast to Sydney then to Melbourne then to Adelaide via Great Ocean Road. Crashing at caravan parks along the way and have my 4x4 and trailer following carrying supplies and aid who would be interrested???? :confused:

Author:  Laddie [ Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Leo - you're insane...

Pasos??? Bris>>>Adelaide??? LOL!!!

Bris>>>Gold Coast, maybe...lol.
combined with stay over night at chiropractor...

would like to do a group ride "somewhere" but interstate's a bit far for the ol' 907 and it's pilot.

Author:  tewsy [ Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:44 pm ]
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Laddie do you live in Brissy?if so where,I'm up at Gladstone and do regular trips to brissy to visit rellys so if possible we could catch up.

Author:  Laddie [ Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:20 am ]
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yes - I live in Brissy...west side...
You mean you actually ride from Gladstone to Bris on a 907???lol

honestly, in 2 years mine has travelled further on a trailer than I've ridden it...
the standard joke with the shop at Byron Bay was that I was taking my bike for a ride - just on a trailer...

I have had 4 times that the bike has had to be trailered home...
1. split fuel line inside tank
2. regulator not charging
3. seized fuel pump
4. split fuel line outside tank (not a nice thing)
lucky these have all only been a few kms from home.

I'm moving house these next few weeks but will still be west side (Forest lake).

I really only bought the 907 as a cafe cruiser (it does turn heads) - I'd do a few hundred kms for a joy ride but would think twice about any further...I have the 900SS for that...

I need to patch up the coolant tank (again) before I do much more, anyway.

Author:  tewsy [ Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:49 am ]
Post subject: 


I lived at forest lake about 10 years ago,we then moved to Bellbowrie.anyway was going to ride down next week but went for a ride to Rocky on saturday and only noticed Monday that the battery overflow pipe fell off and so have acid all over polished swingarm and polished rear rim,so dismantling now to fix.(shit)

Author:  gail [ Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:12 am ]
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Hi members, I'm also on the West side.... of Tassie that is, sounds like if we all do a big one we may have to bring along a sacrificial Paso to keep the whole thing on track, Nothing like a good parts robbing excercise to keep everyone entertained,,,, "Righto, which mongrel took my indicators!!! " If your ever down this way feel free to drop in for a full rebuild. ...
As they say here in Twinhead land, Only a mother could love a Mainlander. And thats coming from the Incest champions of Australia.
P.S How's the drought coming along?

All Care Taken but No Responsibility Accepted
Have a Paso Day,,,, Marty

Author:  redpaso [ Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:56 am ]
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Pick me up on your way through, I am round Taree (NSW) & have some faith in your Paso, if you give her the love she will love you back! I would go anywhere on mine (except a dirt road because then I need to clean her again) :thumbup:

Author:  gail [ Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  Hand me that small long handled ute.

Hey Red, How,s things , If you need to be picked up on the way through, how do you think Laddie feels?, I reckon the go might be to get all the bikes loaded onto a long transporter type thing like the Ducati race team used to have in the 70's. It was more like a big transportable glass showcase. Hit the highway and do the Grand Tour in style ,.Get a designated driver ,My missus has just got her ticket for this, Along the way we can all imbibe and regale tales of our not-so-legendary pasts. Pull up at all the places worth pulling up at, (Its very limited now,..everyones on the wrong drugs) drag all the bikes out of the show pony case thingo, (best done out of town for maximum effect!) , chuck on the oldest set of throwover panniers ,(watch the paint) put on the old red Belstaff, that is almost pink now, cruise into town at a great rate of knots, revving the ringpiece out of our classy weaponry, and watch the local jokers gasp in awe at our bravado, having covered vast distances so that they can feel honoured by our gutsy style and rancour. If they were half as good as us they'd be ordinary. After a few ales at their esteemed hostelery, I feel their reverence of our rambuctious behaviour would be, in a very short time , rather diminished. Once they have run us all out of town, (leaving their wives and girlfriends somewhat wanting ) We can all proceed to the next Shangri La,. It will be a real endurance event. Give us a yell when your ready, I can hardly wait. Hey don't forget to pack the first aid kit , with all this fun and frivolity someones bound to get hurt. Seeya soon Marty

Author:  Laddie [ Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  I like that idea...

...park the trailer around the corner and RIDE up to the cafe...me looking dashing in my matching red Dainese jacket and fingerless gloves (to add that touch of devil-may-care attitude)...dismount...

of course the bike needs to idle for a minute when you get there - just so everyone knows you're there...a few blips on the throttle so the discerning riders ear can determine exactly how many thou' each shim needs to be at the next valve job...and that final 5 to 6 grand rev before shut down - just to give the local girls the idea that there's a V twin orgasm lurking under the seat...if she's friendly...
yes, the bike might run OK for that short stint - although it would need to be a cool night or it'll over-heat...lol.

and all the yokels are thinkin': "wow - those guys musta been in the saddle for hours...and they're not young either - they must be seasoned bikers...with worldly experience and knowledge of all-things-motorcycle and must ride super reliable machinery..."

we sit; we chat; we laugh...the tales of the Great Ocean road, the 10.5 second 1/4 mile, peggin' the Duke on gravel, the comradship, the brotherhood, the bullshit...the locals look on with a look of awe on their faces...we nonchalantly order stuff from the menu that they can't even pronounce...now that's class...

a bruschetta, some vinos, followed by a few luxurious cafe-latte's, that last pre-ride cigarette, wander over to waiting steed...hoping like Christ that it'll start and not need to be pushed back to the waiting truck...I always though what a nice touch a kick starter would give to a Paso...

swing the leg over the seat then, that furtive press on the il starto button, "grinda-grinda-grinda-bumph-bumph...." (phew!!)... 900CC's of Italian refinement surges to life...(burp)...the cute waitress shoots you that "take me away from all this..." glance. But you're tough, reckless; the lone rider about to glide off into the night...no passengers - well not over 55kg, anyway. The glance from the waitress is actually a "thanks for the lousy tip, asshole..." but you'll never know (besides, you own a Ducati and can't afford to tip...)

actually the 907 is in storage at the moment until we can move into the new house...some slight delays for 8 fark'n weeks...I have the 900SS for the odd weekend squirt...

Author:  gail [ Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:33 am ]
Post subject: 

Right on! Sounds like a heepafun. Those little waitress thingos are the go, if properly trained up, always handy round the house. "Hand me another young waitress , this one's split!" or "Pass me that small handled wench!"
Yep sounds good ,that touring caper , I'd better get the Italian lexicon and study up on my foodstuffs and beverages nomenclature so that the Ducatisti can immpressisti the local wankeristi.
Whats the go on these fingerless gloves, poor fellow , no fingers eh? Rather them than a sleeveless jacket though.
Your absolutely right about all these other blokes not being young too. Maybe you can help me out with all the young vixens that will be wanting to career off into the night, only if your married though.
That dodgy old jacket that your'e bringing along might just impress some tossa, but in the shocking heat and humidity are'nt you better off with the traditional Queensland riding armour of Singlet, Shorts and Thongs, great stuff! After a couple of 100mph monos down the main drag , a refreshing ale or three will be the order of the day, just to stop your lips from cracking. No doubt the local media will want to talk to us (to find out our court dates), and I have found that the local constabulary in these hick joints are extremely interested in our machinery and its capabilities,
This Paso tour is gunna be the best one eva, ( only because it's the first, but what the hell). Don't forget to bring your smoking tomatoes ,as something will be needed to take the edge off this exubrance extravaganza!!!
Later,........ Marty

Author:  Laddie [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Marty, now we're talkin'....

my sentiments exactly...

Queensland riding attire varies depending on taste; I find the Ducati should be ridden around town in jeans and a white tee shirt with obvious grease stains...this gives the effect of "oh, he's just tuned that bike - he must be a genius to work on that obviously race-bred machine". Little do they know that this is the ONLY tee shirt I can afford. Longer rides require the leather jacket - especially on days of 40+ degrees. God help you if you get stuck at the lights. Similarly, evenings require body armour in case you run into a rhinoceros beetle - these weigh around 3 kg and are black - so you can't see 'em coming.
The jacket may be unzipped on arrival at the destination - for coolth.

I find ordering from the menu is so passe...much more eloquent to ask the maitre de "'scuse, but i hear this establishment does a ravioli al fungi to die from..." followed quickly by "erm, just how much carbon is in the carbonara?"...
This'll fix 'em every time and the chef will do his utmost to turn out some swill that you'll remember for at least the next 12 hours - repeatedly...

isn't it amazing how the ubiquitous local hick-town copper becomes a specialized motor mechanic when they pronounce: "I'll just have to check the bike for roadworthy..." thank Christ the Paso is enshrouded in fairing to keep their little porcine maulers out...

of course a good throw-away line is: " OK, but can you do a quick valve adjustment while your at it, and maybe nip up the oscillating decraminators, too?"
this either brings the good humored copper to the surface or the bad-assed bastard that taps you on the helmet with his wand and asks you for your shoe-laces; "...we don't want any hangin's now, do we?".

I just love touring...

Author:  gail [ Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:34 am ]
Post subject: 

Ya not wrong, about the grunters, unfortunately I've experienced my "Failure to communicate " on numerous ocassions, some people have experieced "spots before their eyes" but after a personal relationship breakdown with our local bash artist,sorry, Sargent Orificer, (AKA :Your Royal Omniprescence,) I see bars. Save the cops a job , bash yourself up!
T shirts are the go for the uncaring youth look, they can prove a problem only when sliding down down the gravel road face first,(Mandotory Open Face Helmet) as they tend to act as a scoop and the aforementioned gravel fills up the powerful T shirt and upon standing up it looks like your the Piss drinker from Hell, due to the oversized gravel beer gut. Gives ya mates a bit of a giggle though. Its funny till someone gets hurt, then its hilarious!
Speaking of odd things hitting you in the face, had the misfortune of a Tasmanian Devil flying up off my front wheel and entering my helmet.(I always ride visor up ,its way cool) The impact at 230kmh did'nt kill it ,it just made it mad! Fairdink, they're a tuff little piece of work. I had to take one hand off the bars (clutch side as I was touring) extract the 18 inch shifter from my tank bag and gave it a good feed of Chinese Vario -spanner, At that stage my 18 year old girlfriend / sex goddess /pillion , (my wife don't like bikes)was frantic with fear, (they're hopeless aren't they) .The little beastie ate a third of Vario-spanner, before the mongrel decided discretion is the better side of valour , and he leapt off my face at 260 kmh. She's a great sport, touring!
As for the ordering of all things tasty, after a hard day fending off the law and local wildlife , there's nothing better than a Roasted baby dolphin to satisfy ones inner cravings, followed by lashings of Mercury cider to quell the raging thirst and wash down the animal fur.
Of course if ordering Italian fare I normally go for the Ducati Revioli, just like the noise of it, but it tastes like crap!
If you looking to have a bit of fun whilst touring our magnificent deserts, ride at night with no lights on, frightens the hell out of everyone!
Anyhow , looks like the wifes home now, so I'll put my ear plugs back in.
Cheers to more Paso Rallies and love this touring life.

Author:  redpaso [ Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:58 pm ]
Post subject: 

So when are you bastards swinging by to pick me up? just give me some time to do an oil change & nip up the oscillating decraminators, convinve me CEO to allow me some time away with "My Mistress" (as she likes to refer to the 906) while she tends to the chicks alone, I think she likes me at the moment so she may even let me have some beer money, just get here quick before she changes her mind :roll:

Author:  Laddie [ Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  we need to keep this alive...

the hard part will be finding a period in time when ALL the Pasos are actually running / roadworthy (of sorts) and their respective riders can find the time, $$$...and get away from the nest...

my guess is mid-late December for me.

I have some minor work to do on the coolant reservoir but that should be easy enough...

I was thinking Brisbane >> Byron Bay >> Taree >> Newc >> Tamworth >> Warwick.

any ideas???

Author:  907pasonut [ Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Australian Paso Rally, Who's interrested??????????????????

fair dinkum, this old post really cracked me up :lol: :lol: :lol: ....... actually, this is a good script for a movie :thumbup: if this ever happens...count me in :thumbup:

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