Shinko tyres again available

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Re: Shinko tyres again available

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paso750 wrote:Initially I was kind of amused by this post tbh. Certainly the tire situation would be know here as the forum exists already a long time and that topic can be found in the FAQs, as well.
However, it's good to point out that fresh tires are available. I've bought a set last month and they are from 2020. The german importer didn't know if he'll order more this year as there seems to be a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. That is what they sell in 2-3 years, he said. The tires are produced in batches every few months like Michelin did in the last years.

Sometimes I still find comments on the internet about tires not being available and some guys therefore advise not to by a Paso which is nonsense.
However everybody who has one (and that includes me) should get it out of the garage and on the road. Ride it on regular basis. Consuming tires, buying new ones and creating a constant (even if low) demand should ensure that they will be available also in future. Buying several pairs of tires and hoarding them for years imho sends the wrong signal to the tire manufacturer.

Hamish, you got 900 NZ$ for a set of old Michelins? You lucky bastard. :beer: Almost wish I hadn't thrown mine away years ago.
Yeah , I got real lucky ,guy wanted a set still with the molding bristles on them .
I wish I was young again............Id be heaps smarter than last time
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Re: Shinko tyres again available

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paso750 wrote:... and the F1 Laguna Seca ;)
more ... practical black/alu wheels of the 750 paso
actually the white ones are probably more practical as they seem to have less corrosion problems and there's no clear coat that can peel off. I was mentioned long time ago here on the forum that WD40 works fine for cleaning the white rims.
I concur. I find the white wheels paint is superb. They clearly get dirty quickly but they clean VERY easily.
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