A little trip on the bike.

Local guys get together? Post it here!
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A little trip on the bike.

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Hope this small message finds you all well?

I am contemplating a road trip from Manchester England via the Ducati factory in Italy and onwards to Corfu in Greece in early July 2023 and then the return trip after a short break to get a suntan, drink ouzo and eat a few olives.

It would be nice to maybe meet up with a few or many Paso owners and maybe ride for a while etc on route there and back.

This is the early days of planning and as always its subject to all the shit going on in the world and getting permission to cross boarders with out heaps of paperwork and sorting out if the bike can be ridden legally with all these wonderful Clean air and Noisy Sound zones etc.

Otherwise I will just get on a coach with wings same as I do most years and come back ride around Scotland for a weekend instead.

Looking at the map its a 1,811 km journey via France, Switzerland and Italy and then onwards another 1014km journey onwards to Corfu (2,825 km total) and a return journey of 2,820 km return so as you can see I am not going that far out of my way on the outwards journey.

It should of happened 2 years ago and I ain't getting any younger and neither is the old girl or the 907 !!!????

I hope I can get it done before my knee and hips give out.

Any advice truly welcome ....Please?
DUCATI 907ie 1992
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