Finally giving up on the weber

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Finally giving up on the weber

Post by Kmamac »

Well after about year of messing around with the weber I'm giving up.
I rebuilt the whole thing with new gaskets, installed a new fuelpump. Set the float height a number of times etc etc etc. Eventually I did start to have a bit of admiration for the weber when they were working but this took many hours fiddling with settings. Got about 400 miles of great use when it started to run badly again. A bit later it decided to stick open and pour petrol down the barrels. Very luckily I did not destroy the engine. Carbs cleaned out again and another few hundred miles of less than perfect running but good enough.
Went to change the brushes on the starter motor (refused to start) and discovered the oil level way too high and petrol in the oil - AGAIN!
That's it they are going. I have a pair of old worn 40mm dellortos but at least I understand them better. And a cagiva elephant twin throttle assembly as its the same as the paso. (need new cables though)
Searching through the topics I see melossi did do a kit but all I need is the inlet stub thing not the carbs as well.
Does anyone know where I can get the inlet stub by itself or is there another ducati part (belel 900ss?) that will do the trick.
Keith MM feeling a bit grumpy :-(
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Re: Finally giving up on the weber

Post by randtcastell »

Once the 40mm Dellorto pair are installed you will forget the Weber woes. I have that set up with Malossi manifolds and filters on my P750 and it's a turbo when the accelerator pumps kick in at full twist. The carbs operate perfectly throughout the range and the induction sound is very nice when applying the throttle. Good luck with your conversion! You can put your pretty Weber in a glass case on the shelf in the library for viewing and musing. :-)
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Re: Finally giving up on the weber

Post by Githandbag »

This is very interesting! I've spent a lot if time with dellortos on guzzis, so like you I understand them well.

Keep us posted.


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Re: Finally giving up on the weber

Post by odd duc »

It seems the weber can be a bit of a crap shoot. I built my motor about 2,000 miles ago with only a bump in compression and some head work and the weber has worked gloriously with no change from my initial settings. I hear alot of people having trouble with the weber so i have a mikuni setup on the shelf just in case but it doesn't look like I'll need them. If I was having your troubles I'd be getting rid of it too.
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Re: Finally giving up on the weber

Post by Joggel1962 »

Auch ich habe Probleme mit dem Weber Vergaser und habe nun meine 906. Ich habe den Vergaser der 900 SS eingebaut, nur läuft sie noch im Standgas noch beim Beschleunigen befriedigend.
Kann mir jemand weiter helfen ? ich habe offene Luftfilter verbaut ! wie muss ich die Vergaser Bedüsen

Also I have problems with the Weber carburetor and now have my 906th I have installed the carburetor of the 900 SS, but it still runs in the idle even when accelerating satisfying.
Can anybody help me further ? I installed open air filters! how do I have to worry about the carburetor
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