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Wanted: pictures of your Weber carb

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:21 pm
by paso750
There are the following:

P750 - 44DCNF 107
P750 - 44DCNF 110 (US)
P906 - 44DCNF 113
750S - 44DCNF 116
900SS - 44DCNF 118

The question came up recently (again) what the differences are. I personally doubt it's just the jetting. Instead I think the difference could be the number and size of the progression holes. To see the progression holes you'll have to turn the Weber upside down and open the throttle valve. The pictures below show a 44DCNF 110. It would be great if you have one of the other models and could post a picture for comparison. I will post this in three forums although I don't like double posts. When I get some replys all info will be joined into one topic and the other two will be deleted.