fuel pressure regulator

discussion about the 750 Sport and '89/'90 900SS, which share many mechanicals with the Paso series
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fuel pressure regulator

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whet regulator should I get for my 750 sport with webber carby also what should I look for to get gasket kit and new needle and seat my carby floods plugs are always black
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Re: fuel pressure regulator

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It shouldn't be a problem finding a gasket kit. The only difficulty I had some time ago is getting the thick gasket that sits between carb and carb manifold.
Is there an Y-piece in the fuel line with a return to the tank? There should be. If there is there will be a 120 Dellorto jet in the Y-piece's exit returning to the tank. You could try to remove the jet and/or turn around the Y-piece so it splits towards the carb and the tank return. Maybe this will be enough to reduce fuel pressure.
If you get a fuel pressure regulator it should be one with 3psi max.
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