Fork upgrade 40mm MR1BB

discussion about the 750 Sport and '89/'90 900SS, which share many mechanicals with the Paso series
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Re: Fork upgrade 40mm MR1BB

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I should have asked a professional welder to redo all the welding on my Paso frame (tidy up)
why am I not surprised? :truck: Did you sand all the casting marks from the footpeg mounts, lower fork and handlebars and have them reanodized or repainted?
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Re: Fork upgrade 40mm MR1BB

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Did all the aluminium parts but thought a complete powdercoat would be sufficient (although I did ask a professional welder to correct a few worn out items -center stand and jiffy related).
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Re: Fork upgrade 40mm MR1BB

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Hi Bleen
I posted this here on Paso forum about 3 years ago: Since this post have raced the bike appox 6-7 times a year and the forks are brilliant. Definitely the best upgrade to the forks.

Full adjustment for the M1BB
I have raced my 750 sport in post classic for approx 5 years in NZ with just the standard forks and finally found a system that makes them fully adjustable!!! At my last meeting I meet Glyn Robinson who runs Sports Motorcycles now here in NZ. he showed me his creation of valves and components for M1BB and M1R forks that makes them finally work as a proper fork should and fully adjustable for rebound and compression damping. Glyn is part of the Steve Wynn heritage that provided Mike Hailwood the Ducati to win on his return to the IOM TT.
Glyn has really done his homework and makes a damper rod for the leg that has the useless compression stuff in it. So both forks end up the same with internals and work together. all the parts fit perfect with no problem. i was going to put some pics here but his website has all the detail.

I have bought the kit and fitted to the 750 so really looking for to getting it back on track in 3 weeks time. i will post an update on how it goes.

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