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VIN number

Post by Pastr »

Bought 1987 750paso.
Done some searching,
Found that it was produce in 1986 but got on the road or was sale in 1987.
What info can I get frome the VIN number and other number:
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Re: VIN number

Post by Elpasopantah »

Hi. i am looking at a 750F1 for sale. The fame no he is showing on a Picture dont show any pre fix. It starts With: 750R*7500791.should there not be ZDM in front?
I have asked the seller to take a New photo showing more Clear the start of the no.
Thank you.
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Re: VIN number

Post by Ronald »

Hi Pastr,

According to your frame number you have a very early Paso. "ZDM750P” stands for “Italy/Ducati/Motorcycle/750 Paso" and then they started counting production (if I'm not wrong) from 7500000. So you have the 65th Paso ever manufactured. Check whether you have the Öhlins rear shock absorber which was installed on the first 950 or so bikes before switching to Marzocchi.

"DGM520550M" is the homologation number of the model. See more details in this thread (in which I basically asked the same questions as you a few years ago):

I have no details on the engine number. I'd be also eager to know more about that. Is there a similar system as with the frame number that they started counting somewhere? Or is there a link between the engine number and the frame number? In Laverda 750 (and triples I guess too) communities the 'matching number' issue is a big thing as it proves the original engine is still in the original frame. I don't recall any discussions of that sort with Ducati's though. Maybe someone on this forum can clarify? Thanks.
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Re: VIN number

Post by Derek »

I've been working with Ducatis since the mid-seventies and I've never seen matching frame and engine numbers. That's not so say there were never any but I've never seen nor heard of them in 45 years.
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