Pase Engine Number - How old is this engine?

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Pase Engine Number - How old is this engine?

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Hi Folks. I just bough a tatty old Paso 750 1990, so one of the last. Log book says engine number is 754496, but the previous keeper said the engine had been replaced. Having had a look, it is stamped ZDM750LE750659. I guess that it is slightly older than the original engine? Does the LE mean anything? Many thanks.
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Re: Pase Engine Number - How old is this engine?

Post by angelix »

I just checked the engine I have on my Special, it was from an Elefant 750 and the number is ZDM750LE*751354 , not far from yours.

my engine was coming form a very early bike, I wonder ... they look the same , the valve train is the same and should be a straight swap.

The primary on the elefant da 31-62, wilst on the Paso it is the same as the SS 36/71; The gearing is different too, unfortunately the only way to check that is either opening it or with a goniometer and a lot of patience
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