Ducati 750 sport 1990 project

discussion about the 750 Sport and '89/'90 900SS, which share many mechanicals with the Paso series
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Ducati 750 sport 1990 project

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Help / Advice please.

I've brought my first Ducati after a very long wait, I'm trying to get a Ducati 750 sport 1990 running after standing unused for many years. The plan is to get it running to determine how much work it needs (it needs a lot of T.L.C.) It has been fitted with a pair of new separate Mikuni VM carbs which might be the reason it was put into storage ! One possibly both are leaking fuel into the engine, I've tried the obvious but I'm concerned by the carb mounting angle. Space is tight between the barrels for the carbs and I'm not sure about the manifolds that they are mounted on as they are quiet different in size and their angle doesn't seem right. The rear manifold is 36mm at the inlet and 44mm at the head, the front manifold is 41 inlet and 45 at the head. Both the manifolds are second hand.

Before I spend too much time trying to make what I've got work can anyone please advise if it will !

I would sooner start again with different carbs (Linked Mikuni's from an SS) if this system is going to be difficult to sort.

Carb angle 750 sport.jpg
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Manfold front and rear cyclinders.jpg
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Re: Ducati 750 sport 1990 project

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G'day Craig

Those manifolds are not a matched pair imo. The VM carbs are horizontal carbs that probably dont want to be angled past 20-25 deg. Also, the VM carbs like low fuel pressure from a carburettor vacuum pump or gravity feed. Any more than 3-4 psi will flood the carbs and cylinders (or cases!). An easier solution is carbed Monster manifolds and Mikuni BDST38 CV carbs. An expensive but awesome option are FCR39 carbs. Consider the Mikuni TM36 or 38 solution in the post above, "750S Brought back to life"
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