new "faster" tires

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new "faster" tires

Post by ynot »

Hello! I own my 907 since almost 30 years now. Within the last years I made my experience with Monster 900 (1999) - Michelin Pilot, 851 (1991- don´t remember the tire) and 900 SS (1992) - Bridgestone BT-16 as well. What shall I say: they are all much faster and much more handy, although none of them (maybe except the 900 SS) can be really used for (2 person) travels. Searching this page for tire recommendations was not really successful, ok I will lower the forks and order 120/70 instead of 120/60, but my question is:
Which tire (Sport or Sport/Touring) is the choice of today for the 907?
I was quite happy with the Bridgestone BT21, it´s a long lasting, rain proof tire, but not really the choice for fast curvy roads.
I would like to try a more sport orientated 2 compound tire...

Any recommendations from your side?

By the way: my 907 and me was "interviewed" in 2019 in the German "Motorrad"...
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Re: new "faster" tires

Post by Tamburinifan »

For me, Michelin Pilot Road 3 worked very well.
Good grip, predictable pretty fast turn in and pretty flickable.
Go with 160 for better flickability. Not so fond of the newer PR.
Nowadays, on my MTS 1100s, l just love Pirelli Angel GT,
seems made for this bike. Flickabe, predictable and very
good grip.

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Re: new "faster" tires

Post by Turin »

I really like Conti Road attacks.
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