907 in need of some love

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907 in need of some love

Post by Joseimport »

hi everyone im new to the group, im in colombia south america

i bit the bullet and bought a 91 907 and I plan to restore the whole thing.

the bike is complete except for all the electronics, and ome bits and pieces that i have found already.

I found a good auction with all the plastics and some other stuff that i was going to have to source eventually.

i also managed to source the ecu and throttle bodies plus 2 wire harnesses, ignition coils and some more so i should be good on the missing parts.

but everything electronic is used, and I'm not sure if the claimed 10.000 miles on the parts is correct, before installing everything, i would like to know if there is a way to perform some deep cleaning on the throttle bodies and injection and make sure that everything is working fine.

or if there is a shop that can do this, and perform some maintenance on this parts.

so if you know please let me know
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Re: 907 in need of some love

Post by Tamburinifan »

Sonic cleaning and flow testing of injectors I`d do first.
Take ALL electric connectors apart and clean and grease them second, what l did even l bought mine,
had no problems of that kind since then. Extra check starter circuit, relay and bolt to starter.
Check tank pump and electrics, change filter.
Then of course the obvious, belts, valves etc.

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