907 Starter Solenoid

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907 Starter Solenoid

Post by twd46 »

Its been a while since I have posted, but my 907 project is close to being completed at least to make it road worthy. Ive taken it up and down the road a few times now, but the tires are 15 years old, so that is not good.

Before I replace the rubber, there are a few electrical issues that still remain. The most serious problem is the starter solenoid seems to be sticking. Sometimes, when I attempt to start the bike, the starter will continue to turn over even with the key off. After I tap the solenoid, it stops turning over.

Am I correct in thinking this is probably a sticking solenoid? If so, what are some replacement options? Obviously, I can go with an OEM replacement, but Id like to solve the issue of the little white plug coming unplugged as well.

I did a search and noticed that Derek did a modification that seems to be a good idea. I am wondering if anyone else has done something similar. Has anyone used the newer style Ducati solenoid that has wires coming out of the solenoid? This seems like a better design and I assume it wouldn't be difficult to make it work, but perhaps i am missing something.
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Re: 907 Starter Solenoid

Post by Crumpati »

I recently replaced mine with a new OE item, found the white plug is a firm fit on the new solenoid? Time will tell I suppose.
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