Brake adaptors.

discussion about the 750 Sport and '89/'90 900SS, which share many mechanicals with the Paso series
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Brake adaptors.

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Hi All,

Im sure this has been asked before but Im looking to find brake adaptors.

I want to put 17 inch wheels with 320mm 900SS discs onto the BB1 forks.
Its on a 1990 400 Junior. (the forks are the same as 750 Sport).
Of course the original setup in 16 inch and 280mm.

Please who makes these adaptors?


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Re: Brake adaptors.

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The missing info is which calipers you plan on using.
If it's the Brembos from the 900SS with 40mm mounting hole distance or late ones with 65mm.
Don't know who sells these for 320mm brake rotors but you'll find drawings and measurements in the downloads topic (in the FAQs). You'll just have to find a machine shop then.

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Re: Brake adaptors.

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Before you get to deep into this brake mod check that you can get/make the required spacers so as to centre the wheels correctly . You will need speedo drive and the correct drive washer thing .......they aint all the same .
I looked at doing this mod to my 906 , bought wheels , calipers etc and in the end give up coz it was just to much #ucking about. Have a good measure up of the swing arm and 17" wheels as you may find the bigger wheel either wont fit or it will have to be so far back in the swingarm there is nothing left for chain adjustment .
The 906 requires serious swingarm modification ( cutting and welding ) to get the wheel to fit .
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