906 fairings to 907IE

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906 fairings to 907IE

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Hi all! Have anybody here put 906 fairings to 907IE ???? i am quessing, that they can fit to 907IE, but i am not sure. If someone have done this fairing mod, let me know, if there was ANY problem with that "thing". Seems, that only different is that front upper fairing, as it looks different between 906 and 907IE. I dont have 906 spare part list, as i dont have 906, but i have one 750 Paso and 2 x 907IE`s. all information is welcome to me also PM. :thumbup:
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Re: 906 fairings to 907IE

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I've seen 906s with the 907IE front screen and vice versa so that's compatible. Rear sides and taillight fairings are interchangeable although the taillight fairing piece is shaped a little differently around the lock. That leaves the front side fairings. Here I can only guess that these are the same as both 906 and 907IE are watercooled. Part numbers will of course be different as they are not the same colour and have different decals on them.

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