shortage of 16 inch tyres again

discussion about the 750 Sport and '89/'90 900SS, which share many mechanicals with the Paso series
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shortage of 16 inch tyres again

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Dear 750 Sport fans

It's a tiresome topic, but unfortunately there seems to be a shortage of 16 inch tyres again. To my knowledge, only Shinko produces the SR 880/881 tyres in the correct format. Today I wanted to order some tyres from the German supplier Schenk (). They told me: There are still some rear tyres available, but orders for front tyres are being collected worldwide. Shinko will only produce tyres if there are enough orders. Ultimately, this is understandable. If the old Ducati bikes are hardly ever ridden, then no more parts will be needed. I will now put my name on the waiting list at Schenk (and pay half of the deposit) in the hope that something will happen.

My request to the community: Please also place orders, otherwise the issue is over for all 16-inch Ducatis from the 1980s. That would be a great pity.

Many greetings, Hans
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Re: shortage of 16 inch tyres again

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Hi Hans,

There doesn't appear to be a stock issue in Australia \ Melbourne. I've checked a couple of local suppliers online and can obtain a set if needed. That being said, my tyres are are 11 years old (DOT0413) and covered 5000kms therefore I should plan a tyre update in the near future.

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