Updating the voltage regulator

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Re: Updating the voltage regulator,almost done

Post by higgy »

Not quite finished yet but is now charging properly with dual headlights on.
Still need to route a few more wires through the new fusebox to get them off the battery and decide where I want to put the regulator permanently but it works :thumbup:


Took the lithium out in favor of a glassmat while I am experimenting, lithium is kind of particular on charge rates
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Re: Updating the voltage regulator

Post by demidesmo »

Very interested replicating what the original poster has done as I've a Mosfet Rec knocking around a box of bits in the garage. I've been running HIDs for a couple of years and they are great in terms of being able to see things coming towards you. I may be asking questions in the not too distant future about the installation.
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